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  • Seamless Transition, Unparalleled Performance : Upgrade your Wi-Fi experience effortlessly by replacing your existing WiFi router or using it alongside the Minions KEVIN Wi-Fi 6E Router.
  • Cutting-Edge Collaboration & Superior Quality : The Minions KEVIN WiFi Router was created in partnership with DAVOLINK Co.Ltd (Korea) and Universal Korea. Its exceptional quality and inventiveness guarantee excellent performance.
  • Experience Wi-Fi 6E Performance : Embrace the power of the newest smartphones that are compatible with Wi-Fi 6E technology. Achieve unparalleled speed and smooth communication by matching the Wi-Fi 6E capabilities of your router to its performance.
  • Enhanced Speed : Experience blazing Wi-Fi 6E speed with a straightforward setup – just connect to electricity! The Minions KEVIN Router guarantees exceptional performance at a competitive price, making it a hassle-free upgrade.
  • Enhanced Connectivity & Room-Wide Coverage : Say goodbye to weak signals in small rooms! The Minions KEVIN Wi-Fi 6E wireless Router ensures wide coverage and providing uninterrupted connectivity.

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