HALP ME /G/ents

HALP ME /G/ents

my laptop (bought 2012) which had a genuine win7 license, i upgraded it to win10 free update. And then laptop felt slow as fuck and i decided to replace the snail 5400rpm HDD with an 850evo ssd, and now this is the problem, i decided to clean install it since its a new shiny ssd and such (data already backed up on main rig of course), And after installation the windows 10 is not activated??

what should I do? the support page asks me my win7 key which for heaven sake I don’t know since it was bundled, and the sticker on the bottom of the laptop is faded as fuck and unreadable…

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windows phone general

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Odd screenshots

I’m using Fedora 26 with Gnome and I’ve been experiencing something really odd.

Whenever I maximize a window (easiest to recreate is while using MPV) I can see an image of a previous program. It’s mostly a browser ‘screenshot’.
I tried clearing cache using bleach-bit but I can still see these ‘screenshots’ almost every time I maximize a window for a split second.

Not sure what is it but I’ve scanned the system for rootkits and checked the established/listening ports.
Can’t pinpoint anything with lsof nor strace but it’s spooky.

I’m in the process of nuking the system and installing Debian XFCE as I’m running it on rest of my machines without any issues.

If anon has an idea what could be the cause for this it would be appreciated while I still have access to the system before I nuke it.

Pokemon Injection Help Needed

I need 6 Pokemon injected.
The QR codes are ready, and I’d post my friend code with the QR codes if someone is willing to help.

I already asked for help on /vp/, and was redirected here.
Thanks in advance.

/wpc/ – Weekly Programming Challenge

Challenge 1: >>62823481 (Draw a picture using random shapes)
Challenge 2: >>62918956 (Conway’s Game of Life)
Challenge 3:

Given a source image and a number, create and output to user a palette with this many colors in it. The requirement is if you would use that palette to draw the picture anew, the result should look good. I don’t think I can pose the problem in a more strict way than that.

As an example here is the palette created by my program, with 5 colors.

A more difficult version of the problem would be to have the program automatically detect the needed number of colors.