You know, this is a great way of using your Sunday!

🤣 🤗 🤔 🤓

y̝͈̣e̞̺̹s̷̱̙̙̠̙͖ ͇̫̦̞̞h͈̦̬̱͉̟͝e̖̲̺̫l͖l̙̜͖o͏̫̯͕͈̩͓ ̹̮̭͇̭̮͘ͅi r̷̹͖͙u̹̹̯̙͎̤̖͠n̘̠̰̯͓͖̰ ̱͟l͈͈̠̭̦̠i̹̘̭̘̯̜̫n͏̗͇̻͓u̧̮̮̞̜x̨̪̩̜͕

This is a wild story. Tons of Google traffic was rerouted through China and Russia for 90 minutes yesterday. #infosec

Anyone else having problems with Lenovo X1C 6th trackpad? My machine wokes up from S3 around 50% time with non responding trackpad and pms0: not in sync yet, discard input (state = 0, data = 0x8) ect errors. New S3 or boot usually resolves the problem.

What you know about that messy desk work life? 👌

Apparently, #Mastodon has extensive keyboard shortcuts! In the WebUI of your instance, click here to view them! 🙂

(I love shortcuts so I thought I'd share them for others who hadn't seen the little link down there 😉)

we are looking at doing mx240 with qfx switching verses mx960 to improve power and thermal efficiency. mx480 not used because of overheating with 40/100g line cards.

It's been, again, an amazing month!! 41 new VMs were added, bringing the total to 143 VMs.
We just donated €410 to the #OpenBSD Foundation and so should you! #RUNBSD

More :pixelfed: UI updates to prepare for federation support! #pixelfed

>proxmox cluster
>two nodes with 2 vote quorum so if one server goes down the whole cluster dies
>put vm on cluster
>install opnsense on it
>ipsec to home network
>mount nfs share in norway on server in finland via a vpn link that breaks if any of my home router, one proxmox node, the virtual opnsense or any network link in-between breaks
>because too lazy to upload my ISO's to the cluster

yo, i'm quad and janky server setups are my game

And here my older but more powerful #ZFS box powered by #FreeBSD. It is used as fibrechannel and backup target. This one has bigger HBA controllers with 1:1 connection to all 32 discs.

#Fitbit data used by law enforcement again to assist in the arrest of a #murderer. Victim heart rate data coinciding with #CCTV footage of elderly relative visiting will be fairly convincing in court. #privacy

Another little puzzle, this one should be pretty straightforward.

Getting Closer to a Surveillance-Free Internet

Cloudflare has been working with the likes of Google, Mozilla, Fastly and Apple to make it harder for ISPs and other network operators from being able to see what sites users are visiting. Cloudflare has rolled out ESNI on its systems to see how well the experimental technical specification works to hide user activity online.

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