Question about Linux RAID

Is it possible (and advisable) to mix native onboard SATA slots and PCI-E SATA expansion slots for assembling a Linux software (mdadm) RAID?

My current motherboard is ASUS M4A79XTD EVO which has 6x SATA II ports and then an extra one using a Marvell SATA controller, which I don’t use.
Out of the 6 SATA II ports, one is being used by my OS drive, another by my optical drive, and the other four are used by 4TB WD Reds. I want to add more drives to expand the capacity of my RAID, but I’m essentially out of SATA slots. Could I just buy a PCI-E card that adds SATA slots, connect additional drives to those, then rebuild a RAID that sits across it all? Or will the SATA slots be incompatible?

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