God Eater

Just picked up God Eater 2 on Steam and I’m starting with the first game.

What are the best weapons/bullets to use to just rush through the story?

This is the best places to ask this so

This is the best places to ask this so.

What case currently would be the best for a reddit/eceleb clusterfuck build? Tempered glass for no reason, RGB shit, cable sleeves, and can display a food coloring water cooled loop nicely.

Also what currently is the PSU of choice for looks?

Got a PCB in the mail today and expected the outgoing video cable…

Hi /g/
Got a PCB in the mail today and expected the outgoing video cable to be a VGA one. Realised it was a DB-15 plug (the ones that old Macs used), contacted the seller but all I hear from him is “We sent you a better product actually” and “I don’t actually understand the problem”. As that approach leads nowhere, I thought I could just pop the plug open and rewire it to a VGA plug as I have seen adapters for converting between them back in the day. (I’m sending 15khz signal either way, so they should be compatible with just a rewiring, I think…)
Searching online, all the answers I found on how to wire this differed slighty.
Pic related, it’s the plug and how it’s wired.

TL;DR Please help me wire this to a VGA plug as internet isnt being helpful

>he uses anything but Windows 7, 8

>he uses anything but Windows 7, 8.1, or 10
What are you, fucking autistic? Don’t tell me you’d actually use some nigger-rigged shit like Linux and miss out on games, high quality video playback, ease of use, and all the other positives just because you fell for /g/ memes.

Youtube problem

Can someone help me out? I’m using firefox on Mac and this started happening yesterday.

Everytime I click on a youtube video, it shows this instead of playing. When I click on it, it won’t play. Some videos work, some show up like this. Wtf is going on?

/meg/ mass errect general

Individualism edition

Andromeda is an open world rpg made by bioware with lots of choices which lets you play and be what you want.

>Syntheis IRL soon

If you are new and are worried about the negative reviews dont. The game is very enjoyable and fun for those who enjoy new bioware products and like the mass effect universe, it has a ton of exploration, characters, dialogue options and weapons, it is best to casually enjoy such a game instead of rushing it which is what most reviewers these days do.
The animations might be lacking but this was never bioware’s strongest suit, the game has its fault but it is good.
This Andromeda hate has just become a meme, just like the Tortanic meme even though Swtor is still alive and brings out content and has a healthy population.

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