Why use any other operating system than Windows 10?

Why use any other operating system than Windows 10?

>He uses Windows 7 or 8.1
Support will be ending soon and you already have the botnet installed. Keep thinking you’re safe from Microsoft intentionally going in and breaking your shit to frustrate you to get you to update to Windows 10.

>He uses OSX
Good thing you paid a premium price for decent hardware, no expansion and a slightly polished Linux distro. It was daddy’s money so you don’t care though, right?

>He uses a Hackintosh
Enjoy updating your system. One error and you have to start all over again. Enjoy your lack of stability and retina display that you have to pay for as well.

>He uses Linux
Enjoy those drivers, lack of games and professional software. Do you want to submit a professional resume? Good luck even finding a template that’s Libreoffice compatible. Most Linux users are NEETs anyway or server admins. Enjoy losing your hearing from being in server rooms all day.

Face it, Windows 10 is a professional operating system. OSX may look nice, and the large majority of hipsters in SV might use it, but that’s because they’re paid a retarded amount and can afford it.

Unless you program or are a developer, there’s little need for a UNIX environment.

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