>subscribe to the minimalist philosophy
>Installs complex Window manager
>spends entire evening writing a config
>Tweaks the config every day
>All black because I’m a leet hacker
>Arc theme
>Paper icon theme
>Constantly irritated that some programs aren’t supported by my icon theme
>Have this kind of setup for a decade
>Spend all my time browsing /g/ and changing themes
>Completely convinced that I’m super computer literate
>Switch distros every week
>Mostly arch based because fixing broken packages makes me feel like a hacker
>Go to coding boot camp
>Pull out my Thinkpad yoga
>Lady starts talking about JavaScript libraries
>Suddenly she asks me a question
>Didn’t hear
>Girl next to me whispers Turing complete
>”Turing complete”
>”So sublime is Turing complete anon?”
>Face turns red
>Nervously switch windows for 20 minutes
>Go home
>See a picture of one of one of my developer idols all he has is a simple Ubuntu setup and just changed his wallpaper and GTK theme
>Tfw he has actual work in his text editor and not ten config files
>Suddenly have an epiphany
>In attempt to make a minimal work flow I’ve made everything more complicated and haven’t learned any programming
>Back up my music
>Wipe everything
>Install Ubuntu mate
>Get to work
>Tfw when making 95,000 at my first programming job as a backed dev
When did you realize the meaning of technology is to make life easier. I can now say I’m comfy.

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