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The Long War Continues

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1) Long War has been released!
Above is the compatible mod list for Long War 2

2) XCOM2 has released for consolefriends

3) Julian Gollop is still working on his new game Phoenix Point. It’s a turn-based tactical game with strategy elements, destructible terrain, eoscape and character progression. Set for release in 2018.


The /xcg/ Mandatory Read:

/xcg/ XCOM 2 Character Pool:

Image Library of /xcg/:

<<Helpful XCOM 2 Links!>>

XCOM2 modlist, updated a bunch of threads ago!

MEGA Mod Repository, now contains all of the mods in the modlist!

Modlist Steam Collection – Contains 99% of the mods in the modlist:

Assorted improvements (Skip intros, alleviate stuttering, multi monitor support, and resolutions past 1080p):

/xcg/’s Long War Library (New LW players read this shit or you will be ignored):
Piratez mod for OpenXCom:

Music for listening while Killing Ayys

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