Cobe and Meer have teamed up for the better of /wpsg/

Vanilla: Who cares

Hellground: its coming back! The devs are wiping the old character database, adding back attunements, modifying raid content a little bit and releasing a progressive version of the server. This is the only chance we will get to play progressive TBC in a while on a server that isn’t completely shit or P2W, and our resident e-celebs have banded together to make a /vg/ guild. Website: hellground.net.

Gummycraft (aka. Burning Crusade and Valiance WoW):
Gummy’s advertising campaign for the server has been going well and its gaining traction amongst ledditors and the like. This one isn’t progressive. Its also going to be hosted on the US (or in America at least, apparently). Quality-wise looks very good. Website: burning-crusade.com.


Northcraft. Beta coming soon. 1x rates. insta 68. Progressive.

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