I've been wearing over ear headphones for a few years

I’ve been wearing over ear headphones for a few years. From Turtlebeaches, to Logitech, to Audio Technica.

Now, after wearing headphones every single day, my hair pretty fucked up. Right where the bridge part of the headphones lay on my head as a very obvious dip in my hair. The only time it wasn’t noticeable was right after taking a shower. Even after getting a haircut, the dip was still very obvious.

Now, it’s been almost two months since I’ve last put on over ear headphones and my hair has just now recovered. I absolutely do not want to go back to my hair looking fucking retarded. But I also really don’t like using my iPhone’s earphones. The quality is really shit compared to my headphones.

Is there anything that you can suggest, /g/?

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