Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro –> 4:3 into 16:9

Question for Adobe Premiere Pro pros. I have a 4:3 video, which I want to edit in Premiere to export as a 16:9 vid (720, 1080, doesn’t really matter). So far the only way I figured out how to do that was to make a 16:9 sequence (preset, either 720 or 1080), then drag that in there and manually stretch the 4:3 until it’s edges touch the 16:9 frame set by the sequence. Surely there’s a better way than that right? Instead of stretching it, is there a way to just import the video into a sequence, then place something like a small 16:9 frame/scale/border OVER the 4:3 video, editing/deleting everything outside of that border, making it essentially a zoomed in 16:9 edit? Does that make sense? Am I retarded?

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