Cooling problem

Hey /g/, back in 2012 I built my rig and used one of these self-contained water cooling units. The one I used is the Thermaltake Water 2.0. Anyway, recently I decided to upgrade my i5 3570k to an i7 3770k since I didn’t want to do a full upgrade yet. So here’s what happened:
>remove heatsink
>clean off paste
>remove i5
>put in i7
>use pea method to put some new paste on
>screw down water cooler
>boot up my computer and hear this loud sound
>go into the bios and my cpu is going from 40c to 70c quickly
>shut off the machine
>look everything over

Basically long story short, the pump went out in my water cooler. Not sure what caused it, all I did was remove it and put it back on and I was gentle with it. Anyway I’m replacing it with a Noctua NH-12S when it comes in the mail.

What I’m wondering is, has anyone else had one of these water cooling units fail just by removing it and putting it back on?

I’ve heard of them failing much sooner than it did for me so I guess 4 years is a good run but I learned my lesson. I will stick to standard heatsink/fan combos from now on. /g/ was right, these water coolers are a meme.

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