So, /g/

So, /g/
By the end of 2017 Firefox will implement new WebExtensions APIs that will allow developers to create addons that were previously only possible with the now deprecated XUL and XPCOM.
It will thus become easier to write and maintain addons because they will no longer break every time Firefox gets an update.

I hope that all these efforts, such as WebExtensions, e10s, and Quantum, will make people return to Firefox.

Hammond cases

How do you feel about the industrial chic of Hammond cases?

Do you leave alone the raw unpolished aluminum, polish them, or paint them?

Onion Domains

When visiting certain .onion domains to buy certain things with bitcoin, do you just need to use tails os? Or is there more precautions to take?

SMITE General /smgen/

Lotus Prince Edition

>PC 4.1 – Season Four

>XBO & PS4 3.25 – The Phantom Queen (New Celtic Goddes: The Morrigan)

>New Egyptian Clash Map Reveal

>Path of the Phantom Queen

>Season Ticket 2016 (Fantasy League)


>SMITE Tactics

>SMITE Rivals

>Linking your Hi-Rez and Twitch account to get free thing

>Get Curse Voice Apollo & Curse Agni playing with Curse Voice

>Hirez server status

>FAQ for all game-related questions

>/smgen/ Discord

The SMITE clans are SmGen (NA) and GenSm (EU), leaders are SethPhalange and HardyMcWilly respectively.
Post your name in the thread or send an invite to one of the leaders. WE CANNOT INVITE YOU IF YOU ARE ALREADY IN A CLAN

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Hello fellas

Hello fellas.

So I want to use multiple versions of the same program on my Linux with minimum effort. Is that possible? I’m looking into Gentoo Slots, can’t figure if that’s what I need.

/mowg/ – Men of War General

What is already dead may never die edition

>what is men of war?

It’s an RTT. Think of Wargame, but WWII and in a smaller scale. There is a lot of micromanagement involved. It’s focused on combat and tactics, no base building or resource gathering. It’s realistic expect weapon ranges that have been reduced to fit the map sizes.

>there are several men of war games, which one should i get?

Get Assault Squad 2, it’s about to be released and it will be the revival of the series.

The original MoW is dead, but it’s the best single player experience will could ever possible have and all players from MoW:AS are going to migrate to AS 2.

>what should i expect from a MoW match?
Pain and suffering.

/ksg/- Katawa Shoujo General

Katawa Shoujo General #3256

Vision Through Touch edition

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Official website: (KS is free)
About Katawa Shoujo:
Summer’s Clover (Unofficial Miki route by Lilly’s writer):
KS Alpha (Pre-release version):
Chess Play/Ladder Info and more:
New KSG Map:
3D-Printable Katawa Figurines:
Desktop Katawas:
/ksg/ exclusive 3DS themes:!3hkznbaR!Zu_0gWDvitQspHUaEhtUeLG7iJhK4Q_79MpXaASkrQo
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